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VUWLSS plays an important role in ensuring that our members receive sufficient and comprehensive support in their academic endeavours. This is achieved through a number of mechanisms.

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The Education Officers sit in on Faculty meetings and represent the views and interests of students. Minutes and related documents from these meetings are available to download online from our member’s area. Other resources available for download include education-related publications, the Insider’s Guide, the Online Learning Guide, and a review of 300-level elective papers.

Our 200-level Study Groups provide a unique, student-driven approach to group study and are open to all members completing their 200-level papers.

Additionally, VUWLSS is proud to promote and support educational opportunities of our partners and the broader University organisations. More information on some of these opportunities is available on this website.

We are here to advocate on behalf of your academic needs. Never hesitate to contact us about a concern or opportunity.


If you would like to get in touch with the VUWLSS Education Officers, send them an email at

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