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VUWLSS has established this Notes Bank to help ease the load of law school. We are aiming to provide notes for all 200-level papers, and compulsory 300-level papers (LAWS 312 and LAWS 301, including LAWS334). These notes are intended to be a study aid and a starting point for your own notes - THESE NOTES SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR INDIVIDUAL REVISION. 


The Notes Bank is a collaborative effort driven by law students like you. If you have written any notes for a course you feel proud of and are willing to share, please consider contributing to the Bank’s future. 


Reading others’ notes is a great way to get an overview of a difficult topic, however it is no substitute for making your own notes. Compiling your own notes is the best way for you to properly understand the content and do well in your assessments. Please see below for how to use the notes bank, submit your notes to the notes bank, and importantly, our disclaimers.





  • Compare your own notes with notes from the notes bank to see how someone else has written/laid out their "cheat sheet"​

  • Use notes bank to see what content was covered in the course in previous year’s (remember, course content is likely to change year to year)


  • Copy and paste notes from the notes bank directly into your own 

  • Copy and paste notes from the notes bank directly into your test/exam document (this is plagiarism!)

  • Assume that the content from previous years is the same as the content you are expected to know (notes may include content which you or not expected to cover, or may not include content which you are expected to cover





  • The Notes Bank will accept notes from students who achieve an A-range final grade in the course. This is so we can maintain some consistency across the notes in the Bank. 

  • Please ensure your notes are readable and well-organised.

  • Please only submit notes which are your own creation (ie. don’t submit lecture material, friends’ notes, etc. Please see the disclaimer on copyright below).


1. ​Please email your notes in a PDF format to

2. Please specify:

  • ​a. the year and trimester (if applicable) you took the course; 

  • b. the type of notes (for example: test/exam revision notes or class notes), and;

  • ​c. whether you want to remain anonymous when the notes are uploaded (otherwise we will assume you are happy to use your name).

3. The VUWLSS Education officers will update the notes bank with submissted notes if they meet the required standard.






  • VUWLSS and any contributors cannot promise that any notes in the Bank are accurate or up-to-date with the current course. Often course content will change from year to year. Please remember that your first port of call is always the lecturer, lectures, tutorials, and set readings. 

  • If you locate any blatantly incorrect content in the Bank, please get in touch with us.


The authors of the notes stored on the notes bank each assert their rights as the copyright holders in the original expressions contained in their notes, and unless otherwise stated, each:

  • make the material in which they hold copyright available personal purposes of the private research and study of students presently enrolled in the LLB, LLB(Hons), and LLB(Hons) conjoint degrees at the Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington (current Victoria law students);

  • authorise current Victoria law students to reproduce the materials contained on this drive for the purposes of their private research and study;

  • do not authorise the further distribution of these notes other than to other current Victoria law students;

  • do not authorise any reproduction of the materials other than for the purposes of private research and study; and

  • do not authorise the use, reproduction, sale, hire, public exhibition or display, use, or any other dealing in the course of a business or commercially of any materials contained on this drive.


The material stored on this drive may contain reproductions of copyright works and/or parts of copyright works. If the holder of copyright in any of these works believes their copyright has been infringed, please contact us to request the removal of any infringing copies.


What is plagiarism? - Plagiarism is when you present someone else’s work as if it were yours, whether you mean to or not. “Someone else’s work” means anything that is not your own idea. This includes:

  • material from books, journals, or any other printed source

  • the work of other students or staff

  • information from the internet

  • software programs and other electronic material

  • designs and ideas

  • the way material is organised or structured.

Find out more on the university website.


The VUWLSS Exec and authors of the notes stored on it provide the content on this drive on the basis that all parties involved in the publication exclude any liability, including in negligence and defamation, for all or any damages or liability in respect of or arising out of use, reliance, or otherwise on the drive and/or the notes stored on it. These notes should not be resorted to as a substitute for professional research or advice for any purpose.

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Access the notes bank

By following the link below you agree to use the notes bank for its proper purpose complying with the disclaimers set out above.

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