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Victoria University of Wellington Feminist Law Society

The VUW Feminist Law Society is a group for law students (and anyone else!) of all genders, who are interested in feminism, gender equality, and structural oppression at Law School. We seek to be inclusive, intersectional, and aware of multiple layers of oppression. 

We hope to create an alternative social space for like-minded people, including those who don’t necessarily feel included in Law School culture, by having casual meet-ups, speaker events and other awesome stuff. 

Everybody is welcome to come along to most events; but those who are only open to women and non-binary people will be clear on the event page.

We also have and will run other projects, such as bake sales, speaker events, submission/letter writing workshops, lobbying for more feminist courses/critical perspectives, advocacy for people dealing with sexism or other issues, etc.


Instagram: (@vuwfls)

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